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Silk Road 一带一路发展联会

Janurary, 11th - 12th , 2016

2 Days

Development Association along the way to the first anniversary of the ceremony, along the way entrepreneurs HKEx mission, along the way international forums and entrepreneurs along the way before the sea missions have been successfully held in 11-12 January 2016, from a total of thirty in many countries, over 700 people attended included Active Properties (Cambodia) Co., Ltd,.


Development Association along the way the first anniversary ceremony was held on January 11, the day had 250 guests, including Chinese and foreign dignitaries (including nearly more than 60 countries, the Consul General and Consul General, National People’s Congress, the SAR government officials, members of the Executive Council of the SAR government, the provinces City officials, JP etc.), president of the business leaders (president and representatives from Hong Kong more than 30 associations and organizations) and various youth associations, including more than 40 entrepreneurs and president of the Chamber of Commerce, along the way overseas countries overseas.


Along the way Development Association Chairman Dai Jingfeng Rem Tai welcoming remarks, thanked the support of all sectors of Hong Kong along the way as the first professional organization, this will assist businesses and young people in the business, cultural and professional dimensions of development along the way, the last one Working in this way would have done a lot with the area concerned, so that all walks of life all the way to a deeper understanding of the area, but also with the political and business community to establish friendly relations, consultants and members of the Association come from different countries, industries, political parties, religious and ages, this will believe that the present society should talk less about politics and more to talk about development and cooperation and do more practical work is good for society, along the way are the next three years, five years of direction, this Council and the community want to be able to seriously consider and practice along the way.


On January 11 in the afternoon, all the way to the development of the area along the way entrepreneurs organized by the Federation of HKEx mission successfully held, each country along the way of entrepreneurs eager to ask questions, thank Vice President HKEx Bonnie reception.



On the evening of January 11, along the way all the way along the joint Development Association International Forum successfully held at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Professor Chen Wenhong Polytechnic University and other overseas entrepreneurs to share their views on all the way along. On January 12, along the way with the development of the Federation with more than 40 entrepreneurs from the countries along the way to Shenzhen Qianhai visits, and some resident foreign exchange in Shenzhen.





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